Bible Plugin

for OBS Studio

  Is Bible Plugin for OBS Studio free?

Bible Plugin for OBS Studio comes in two versions: the Online Version and the Coffee Version. The Online Version is completely free of charge, but the Coffee Version is paid.

Information on their differences can be found on the Getting Started page, but in essence:

  • The Online Version can be accessed anywhere via URL, while the Coffee Version must be downloaded first.
  • The Online Version includes some public domain Bibles, but you can use your own Bible translations in the Coffee Version (you will need the included Generator program as well; please see related FAQ question for details).
  • The Online Version includes basic themes, but the Coffee Version includes many more beautiful themes, some of which are animated.
  • The Online Version does not support custom themes; but, if you are a technical user and know Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) , you can customize or design your own themes in the Coffee Version.

When it comes to core features (Bible querying, verse lists, etc.), though, both versions are identical.

Summary of the Differences between the Online Version and the Coffee Version
Online VersionCoffee Version
AvailabilityAnywhere via URLDownload and use
BiblesEnglish - King James Version
French - Louis Segond
Spanish - Reina-Valera Antigua
Included ThemesBasicPremium
Custom ThemesNoYes

  What platforms does the Bible Plugin for OBS Studio run on?

The Bible plugin works well on Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit), Linux (64-bit only), and Mac (64-bit only).

  What Bible formats are recognized?

Only applies to the Coffee Version.

Currently, only OpenLP Bibles are supported. However, OpenLP itself supports importing many Bible formats (at the time of this writing, OpenLP can read OSIS, CSV, OpenSong, and Zefania files).

Once your Bibles have been imported into OpenLP, open the Generator program and all of them should automatically show. You can then pick which Bibles you want in the plugin.

  Where can I find Bibles to add?

Only applies to the Coffee Version.

The Generator program already includes some public domain Bibles that you can choose from (Apocryphal books not included):

  • American Standard Version (ASV)
  • King James Version (KJV)
  • Revised Standard Version (RSV)
  • World English Bible (WEB)
  • Young's Literal Translation (YLT)
  • [Spanish] Reina-Valera Antigua (RVA)
  • [French] Louis Segond (LSG)

For other versions, you will need OpenLP . To begin, make sure you have OpenLP installed on the same computer as the Generator program. You must also have Bibles in a format that OpenLP recognizes for import.

For public domain Bibles (King James Version, World English Bible, Young's Literal Translation, etc.), the Zefania Project contains hundreds of translations that you are free to download and use. Best of all, the Bibles they offer are compatible with OpenLP. To begin, download the Bible you want and follow OpenLP's instructions on Importing Zefania Bibles.

For more popular translations, you can try OpenSong Bibles (scroll down to the Bibles section). Once you have downloaded a Bible, follow OpenLP's instructions on Importing OpenSong Bibles . Please keep in mind that copyright restrictions may apply if you choose to use a copyrighted translation.

Once the Bibles have been successfully imported into OpenLP, open the Generator program. The Bibles should appear and you can then select them.

  What Bible languages are compatible?

Bible Plugin for OBS Studio has been tested to work well with Bibles in the following languages:

  • English
  • Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
  • French
  • Spanish

Other languages may work but haven't been tested for compatibility. In theory, left-to-right languages which use standard A B C's should work well. Languages with other scripts may or may not work. Right-to-left languages (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.) probably won't.

The Maximum number of lines setting, though, is much stricter. It assumes English rules for calculating the number of lines. For example, if a line is too long, it will split that line into multiple lines based on spaces and hyphens, just like in English and certain other European languages. This setting seems to work well with English, Indonesian, French, and Spanish Bibles. For other languages, though, compatibility is not guaranteed; so you may want to leave it disabled. Also, please note that, in very rare cases, lines may occasionally exceed this setting due to limitations of the algorithm used.

Please let us know your experience with other languages! Send us a message on our Contact page.

  Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we do. You can find it on our refund policy page.