Bible Plugin

for OBS Studio


For information on what features this version includes and how it differs from other versions, please see the Get Started page and this FAQ question.

For the free online version, you only have to add two links to OBS Studio to get started. You don't need to download or install anything!

If you already know how to setup Custom Browser Docks and Browser Sources in OBS Studio, scroll down to the Dock and Browser Links section to see what links you need to copy. For everyone else, read on!

When you're ready, open OBS Studio and read on to begin.

System Requirements

  • OBS Studio 27.1.1+
  • Windows, Linux, or Mac

Please note that the online version is continually updated, and the system requirements are subject to change without notice. To be on the safe side, please continue to update OBS Studio to the latest version and check our social media accounts for news and updates.

Adding the Browser Source

At the bottom of OBS Studio, there are two sections: 'Scenes' and 'Sources'. The cursor is hovered over the 'Add' button at the bottom of 'Sources'.
1. Click Add in the OBS Studio Sources List.
A popup menu appears. The cursor is hovering over the 'Browser' option.
2. Choose the Browser option.
A new dialog appears. The 'Create new' option is selected and the word 'Bible' has been typed into it.
3. Create a new source (named Bible in the example).
A new dialog window appears. It has many options to customize the source.
4. The Browser Source dialog window should appear.
The URL is set to
5. Set the URL to
The width is set to 1920 and the height is set to 300.
6. Set the width and height to your preferences.
The cursor is hovered over the 'OK' button.
7. Leave the other settings as is and click OK.
A red rectange appears at the top of the OBS Studio preview.
8. You should see a red rectangle on the screen with nothing inside. This is where Bible verses will be displayed.
The red rectangle has been moved to the bottom of the OBS Studio preview.
9. If you like, you can drag the red rectangle to a location of your preference.
The popup menu after right-clicking the Bible in the Sources List of OBS Studio.
10. If the width/height is not to your liking, you can right-click the Bible browser source, click on Properties, and change them. Browser source setup is now complete.

Adding the Dock

In OBS Studio, the menu item 'View' to 'Docks' to 'Custom Browser Docks...'
1. In the menu bar, click ViewDocksCustom Browser Docks…
In a new dialog window, there are a Dock Name and URL to fill.
2. A dialog window should appear. Enter a Dock Name. We recommend Bible or Bible Dock to keep things simple.
In the same dialog window, Dock Name is filled with 'Bible' and URL is filled with ''
3. Under Dock URL, enter and click Apply.
After clicking Apply, a new dock window appears. The earlier dialog is still open.
4. The dock should appear, allowing you to easily control the verses displayed on the Browser source.
The Custom Browser Docks dialog is in focus.
5. Close the Custom Browser Docks… dialog.
The newer Bible dock is being dragged to the right side of OBS Studio.
6. Drag and drop the dock at a location of your choice. The left or right sides of OBS Studio are good options.
The cursor is on the left edge of the dock. It can be dragged to change its size.
7. If the dock is too narrow or wide, resize it by dragging its side. Dock setup is now complete.


You are now ready to use the plugin! Choose a Bible, enter a reference, and hit Submit. Click on any resulting verse and it should show up automatically on the browser source. Click it again to hide.

If you have any further questions, please refer to our guides or send us a message on our contact page.