Bible Plugin

for OBS Studio

Coffee Setup

Setup Methods

There are two ways to setup the Coffee Version. Both work well, but there are some pros and cons to each approach that you need to be aware of.


Uses file:// URLs. Everything is contained within OBS Studio. No need to run other programs at the same time. This method is recommended.

  • Simple to get started.
  • No need to run any other program at the same time.
  • Updates to OBS Studio have been known to cause issues in the past, although these have since been resolved.

Local Server

Uses a local web server included in the Coffee Version. Requires running a separate program at the same time. This method is a backup if a future update of OBS Studio causes problems with the File method.

  • Simple to get started.
  • Pretty much guaranteed to work with all future versions of OBS Studio.
  • In the future, could allow features (like remote control and integration with other applications) that are not possible in the File method.
  • Must run the server program every time you want to use the Bible Plugin.